Every company has its core and values. Some principles underline how we work, communicate, do business and try to change our environment. I want to share my “ethical rules” and values with you to show what I stand for.

I work with companies, organizations and other people who want to make a positive impact on our society. My images are intended to support these messages and raise awareness of issues such as sustainability, health, solidarity and fairness.


Together with other colleagues I create something that should always engage and is directed against exploitation and discrimination.


We work together as a team at eye level: Honesty and fairness are the basis of every good partnership. We do not create false expectations in order to "capture" people.


We work together as a team at eye level: Honesty and fairness are the basis of every good partnership. We do not create false expectations in order to "capture" people.


I will not work with producers and organizations that are careless and inconsiderate of our environment and everyone's resources. Sorry, not sorry!


"Status Quo" is something we need to challenge every day, to come up with unique and innovative ideas that give a positive turn to our society.


We work together to advance good causes and make a positive impact on our communities - not just to make a profit. does not do business with individuals or companies that actively (or intentionally) engage in the exploitation of people, animals, or the environment. This includes wage slavery or institutional racism as well as killing animals for profit or sport.

We will not do business with individuals or companies that are in any way involved in or invest in the production or trade of weapons.

We actively support institutions that fight against racism, anti-Semitism, misogyny, or other forms of oppression.

We as people need to stand up for the things we believe in and fight for the ones we need to change! will not participate in design contests or anything like that.

As a design freelancer, there are some obstacles to being sustainable. One of them is the constant competition between creative minds that ruin each other’s business with the competition-driven selection processes.

When collaborates with others, we will establish the consensus principle for every decision that moves the project forward: None of the team members may raise an objection (veto) – if so, we have to discuss and find solutions.

Together, we can be a team. Therefore, we must maintain clear and transparent communication: We share all relevant information with all project stakeholders (and are absolutely careful with this information, as well as with the GDPR).
For this, we use top-notch and streamlined communication tools like Signal, Mattermost, PGP-Encrypted Mails, Nextcloud or similar technologies.

As a vegan animal and human rights activist, I’m used to avoiding unsustainable practices. This also applies to my work as a designer and filmmaker: whenever possible, I look for eco-friendly alternatives for all necessary production steps (plastic- and/or waste-free tools, vegan, ecologically and fairly produced goods, energy-efficient devices, etc.).

If requested, I will provide a transparent report on the impact of the project on our environment (positive or negative).

In order to achieve the best possible result, after our first conversation I will create a framework for our future projects – whether it’s a cost estimate or a briefing protocol. So that all parties are up to date.

Designing is also work – so unfortunately I can’t do free concepts or anything like that.

I stand behind unions as they are part of the justice movement and always fight to create a solidary and healthy work environment that includes and supports everyone. I also show solidarity with associations supporting collective workplaces. supports the growing movements fighting for justice in business and the workplace.

If our partner suppresses unionization within their organization (“union busting”), I will refuse to work with that partner in the future. (Sorry, but not sorry!)

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