Every business has its core and values. Some principles underline how we work, communicate, do business and try to change our surroundings. I want to share my “Ethical Rules” and values to show what I stand for.

I work with businesses, organizations and other people who want to make an positive impact to our society. My visuals will support these messages and raise awareness on topics like sustainability, health, solidarity and fairness.


My colleagues and I always create something that is engaging, inclusive and therefore against exploitation and discrimination of others.


We work together as a team on eye-level: honesty and fairness are the basis of every good partnership. We won't create false expectations to "catch" people.

independent works in teams with other people but remains independent, because it gives me the freedom to keep myself non-conforming and innovative.


Products and Organizations that don't care for our environment and the resources we all share won't get a glimpse of my skills. Sorry, not sorry!


"Status Quo" is something we need to challenge every day to come up with unique and innovative ideas that gives our society a positive turnaround.


We work together to further good causes and make an positive impact to our society - not just for profits.

We will not do business with individuals or corporations that actively (or by design) engage in exploitation of humans, animals or the environment. This includes wage slavery or institutional racism as well as killing animals for profit or sports.

We will never do business with individuals or corporations that profit, invest or are in any ways connected to production or dealing of arms.

We actively support institutions that fight against racism, anti-semitism, misogyny or other forms of oppression.

We as humans must stand in for the things we believe in and fight for those we need to change! will not take part in design-contests or similar.

As a design-freelancer there are several obstacles in doing sustainable business. This includes the ongoing competition between creative minds that ruin each other’s businesses, because of those contest-driven selection process.

Whenever teams up with others, we will establish the principle of consensus for every decision that is made to further the project: There must not be any objection (veto) by any of the team members.

Together we can be a team. And so we need to sustain a clear and transparent level of communication: We share all relevant information to everyone who is involved in the project (and handle those information with absolute care, along with the DSGVO).
For this we use top notch and lean communication tools like Telegram, Signal, Mattermost, OwnCloud/Nextcloud or similar technology to get everyone to be well informed.

As a vegan animal- and human rights activist, I am used to avoid unsustainable practices. This also includes my work as a designer and filmmaker: Whenever possible I search for eco-friendly alternatives for all necessary production steps (plastic- and/or waste-free utilities, vegan, ecologically and fair produced goods, energy-efficient equipment etc.).

On request, I will develop a transparent report of the project’s impact on our environment (positive or negative).

To get the best results, I will create a after our first conversation that frames our future project(s).

But sorry, there will be no free concept or similar.

I am active in two labor organizations that care deeply to create a work environment that includes and supports everyone. Also I am part of the Union Coop // federation to support collective work places. That’s why supports growing movements that search justice along every individual.

If our partner has suppressed unionizing within their organization, I will refuse to work with this partner in the future. (Sorry, but not sorry!)


Filmmakers For Future

In recognition of Fridays For Future, Filmmakers For Future want to create a intersectional movement to produce great films on a green planet!

Einfach Jetzt Machen

Einfach Jetzt Machen is part of the self-imposed initiative "Einfach Jetzt Machen" to reduce climate emissions.


CO2-neutral Hosting is equipped with CO2-Neutral Hosting by


naturstrom is powered by naturstrom - one of the earliest supporter of sustainable energy!


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