Concept Script Camera Editing In a busy world, we all need to adapt, don’t we?! “Limit.” is the story of a businesswoman (Angela Romacker) who gets confronted with her failures as well as the threat of being replaced by others. The film was shot in the restrictive environment of the COVID-19 “lockdown”. It was challenging … Read more

Hannes Jaenicke – Im Einsatz für Löwen

Motion Design Compositing Assistance While I was in my internship, we had a great project at MagnetFX: A documentary for german television about Lions and why they’re endagered worldwide, called “Hannes Jaenicke im Einsatz für Löwen”.I mostly worked together in a team of illustrators, motion-design- and 3D-artists. We created Animations for the documentry that supported … Read more

zombiewalk – meat is for zombies

Concept Motion Design Camera Editing To confront a great audience with our message “meat is only for zombies” we organized a so called zombiewalk through the city of Trier. Passerby’s first reaction was shocked and so they got our message right. This was again a funny little activists-driven method to speak out against animal suffering … Read more