International Animal Rights Conference

Part I Part II Every year at the International Animal Rights Conference in Esch sur Alzette (Luxemburg), hundrets of animal rights activists and vegan advocates gather and talk, discuss and debate about how to stop animal suffering. A place full of ideas and inspiration – inside the “Kulturfabrik” – an old slaughterhouse. Work: Concept | … Read moreInternational Animal Rights Conference

zombiewalk – meat is for zombies

To confront a great audience with our message “meat is only for zombies” we organized a so called zombiewalk through the city of Trier. Passerby’s first reaction was shocked and so they got our message right. This was again a funny little activists-driven method to speak out against animal suffering with lowest input and maximum … Read morezombiewalk – meat is for zombies

Halte Trier sauber – viral campaign is the main part of a viral project. The website itself was the main point for visitors to get more information about the hate campaign: The fictional Chris von Trier wants to clean up the city of all “scum” and “dirt”. He does this by calling for incitement and trying to mobilize the citizens … Read moreHalte Trier sauber – viral campaign

Colony Collapse Disorder – a life without bees

A man strolls in a desolate, dark world that seems acts abandoned and lifeless. Apparently aimlessly the protagonist wanders through a closed down property and finally dedicates himself to his mysterious work: A research laboratory is centered in this hostile environment. A possible future is exaggerated in Colony Collapse Disorder within a specially created universe … Read moreColony Collapse Disorder – a life without bees