International Animal Rights Conference

Every year at the International Animal Rights Conference in Esch sur Alzette (Luxemburg), hundrets of animal rights activists and vegan advocates gather and talk, discuss and debate about how to stop animal suffering. A place full of ideas… Read More

kinder essen (eating children) (eating-children) is a project to show the ethical problems of eating meat and an animal-product-based diet: Animals are at a child age when killed for meat or other products. With sarcasm and visual content like hunting-trophy mock-ups,… Read More

Colony Collapse Disorder – a life without bees

A man strolls in a desolate, dark world that seems acts abandoned and lifeless. Apparently aimlessly the protagonist wanders through a closed down property and finally dedicates himself to his mysterious work: A research laboratory is centered in… Read More

Keine falschen Vergleiche in der Tierbefreiung

Wir alle möchten eine vegane und damit tierleidfreiere Welt. Eine Welt mit (weitest gehender) Gleichberechtigung und Respekt für alle Lebewesen. Aber auch wenn viele das gleiche Ziel haben, so möchte ich meinen Weg dorthin emanzipatorisch und inklusiv gehen:… Read More