Colorful climate protest

Motion Design Videography Editing This time “Ende Gelände” was a very special experience: I followed the “colorful finger” (“bunter Finger”) into action and was shown by Cécile that “resistance is like a chain: everyone is equally important. If one part is missing – the whole thing doesn’t work.” It was awesome to be able to … Read more

Meatless in schools

Motion Design Illustration Concept Post Production After the successful campaign for KEEKS, ProVeg and the Berlin Senate teamed up to create 10 Videos to illustrate why it’s important to have a more plant-based and balanced meal in schools and kindergarten. Compared to the KEEKS-Project, these ten animated films were meant to be presented to children … Read more

SUPERNOVA: Ende Gelände 2019

Motion Design Videography Editing Co-Direct My colleague Tim and I traveled to the Rhine-region near Aachen to document the climate-justice protests near the open-cast mining “Garzweiler”. Over 6.000 people came to protest for climate-justice and an immediate end of coal mining and coal pollution. Tim and I followed Jana around and let her tell her … Read more

zombiewalk – meat is for zombies

Concept Motion Design Camera Editing To confront a great audience with our message “meat is only for zombies” we organized a so called zombiewalk through the city of Trier. Passerby’s first reaction was shocked and so they got our message right. This was again a funny little activists-driven method to speak out against animal suffering … Read more

Halte Trier sauber

Concept Motion Design Camera Visual Identity is the main part of a viral project. The website itself was the main point for visitors to get more information about the hate campaign: The fictional Chris von Trier wants to clean up the city of all “scum” and “dirt”. He does this by calling for incitement … Read more