Best Movies of all times

As mentioned: I love movies and so I made some textil-designs for my livingroom. All images are made to fit on textiles or as stickers. Gallery Gallery You could be part of changing the world : Let’s talk… Read More

Halte Trier sauber – viral campaign is the main part of a viral project. The website itself was the main point for visitors to get more information about the hate campaign: The fictional Chris von Trier wants to clean up the city of… Read More

Albert Schweitzer Foundation for Our Contempoaries

During my employment at the Albert Schweitzer Foundation for Our Contempoaries, I worked primarily on the foundation’s continously growing branding. The developed corporate identity and the visual style the foundation uses, helps people to find a source for… Read More

kinder essen (eating children) (eating-children) is a project to show the ethical problems of eating meat and an animal-product-based diet: Animals are at a child age when killed for meat or other products. With sarcasm and visual content like hunting-trophy mock-ups,… Read More

WEB: Julinacht – a poem

This is a poem by Felix Dörmatt that was visualized with graphic design and some javascript animations. Visit the page

WEB: The story of our sun

With the use of jQuery I developed a slideshow to show how the sun was “born” and how it’s gonna “die”. Gallery Here’s the page

YouPress – social community

This was a prototype for a social community in the “great region” (Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium): Aim was to get people to write and present what they’re most interested in. They could show everyone else how great this or… Read More