Mensch Tier Bildung

Motion Design Illustration Storytelling The non-profit organization “Mensch-Tier-Bildung” (Human-Animal-Education) is set to educate and inform young humans how we treat animals in our society. Especially the conditions in common factory farming are displayed in workshops and children can ask questions that mostly are never asked in schools… Video Gallery Production NOTICE All logos shown in … Read moreMensch Tier Bildung

The End of Meat

Motion Design Concept Filmmaker and fellow vegan activist Marc Pierschel asked me to produce some motion designs to add “flavor” to his latest documentary about “The End Of Meat“. It was a gigantic, beautiful ride through the different aspects of a possible world without animal exploitation. In hope that it will change the hearts and … Read moreThe End of Meat


Storytelling Motion Design Visual Identity Logo Design Shortfilm My lovely friend, the storyteller and journalist Lena Reich had the opportunity to create a museum for trash. Yes: For commodities that become obsolete and end up in trash-bins … or around the city. She came up with the lovely story about Ruby, the daughter of a … Read moreRuby


Universität Basel - Geld Macht Wissen

The group “Hochschulpolitik”* of the Graduate School Social Sciences (G3S) organized a bi-weekly lecture series called “Geld Macht Wissen” (“Money Power Knowledge”) at the University of Basel in the fall semester 2017. The central aim is to discuss the current conditions of possibilities in the social sciences and humanities, which are committed to a critical … Read moreGeld-Macht-Wissen


The Blog Volksverpetzer was built by Thomas Laschyk and his friends. By now it’s one of the biggest independent social media outlets for a modern counter public. I had the possibility to work alongside the diverse team of Volksverpetzer and create some minor visuals for the platform. We established different forms of content for social … Read moreVolksverpetzer

Hannes Jaenicke – Im Einsatz für Löwen

Motion Design Compositing Assistance While I was in my internship, we had a great project at MagnetFX: A documentary for german television about Lions and why they’re endagered worldwide, called “Hannes Jaenicke im Einsatz für Löwen”.I mostly worked together in a team of illustrators, motion-design- and 3D-artists. We created Animations for the documentry that supported … Read moreHannes Jaenicke – Im Einsatz für Löwen

Albert Schweitzer Foundation

Branding Visual Design Editorial Design Illustration Concept During my employment at the Albert Schweitzer Foundation for Our Contempoaries, I worked primarily on the foundation’s continuously growing branding.The developed corporate identity and the visual style the foundation uses, helps people to find a source for well-founded, scientific information on animal welfare and animal rights. This methodology … Read moreAlbert Schweitzer Foundation