Kindsmord im Eifelwald

(german only) “Kindsmord im Eifelwald” erzählt eine tragische Geschichte im Wald nahe eines kleinen Ortes in der Eifel: Tom Weber ist ein Gelegenheitsjogger. Er arbeitet in einem Ingenieurbüro und ist mit Jacky seit ein paar Jahren verheiratet. Sie führen eine harmonische und gefühlvolle Beziehung. Beide gehen ihrem Beruf nach und haben gute Freunde. Sie sind … Read moreKindsmord im Eifelwald

zombiewalk – meat is for zombies

To confront a great audience with our message “meat is only for zombies” we organized a so called zombiewalk through the city of Trier. Passerby’s first reaction was shocked and so they got our message right. This was again a funny little activists-driven method to speak out against animal suffering with lowest input and maximum … Read morezombiewalk – meat is for zombies

Albert Schweitzer Foundation for Our Contempoaries

During my employment at the Albert Schweitzer Foundation for Our Contempoaries, I worked primarily on the foundation’s continously growing branding. The developed corporate identity and the visual style the foundation uses, helps people to find a source for well-founded, scientific information on animal welfare and animal rights. This methodology – referred to as branding – … Read moreAlbert Schweitzer Foundation for Our Contempoaries

Colony Collapse Disorder – a life without bees

A man strolls in a desolate, dark world that seems acts abandoned and lifeless. Apparently aimlessly the protagonist wanders through a closed down property and finally dedicates himself to his mysterious work: A research laboratory is centered in this hostile environment. A possible future is exaggerated in Colony Collapse Disorder within a specially created universe … Read moreColony Collapse Disorder – a life without bees

Intermedia Design – Image video

For “Intermedia Design” at the University of Applied Sciences in Trier we produced a image-video to make students get to know us better. Work: Concept | Script | Directing | Motion design | Sound design | Camera | Editing | Color grading Gallery You could be part of changing the world : Let’s talk about … Read moreIntermedia Design – Image video

Earthquakes in London – Erdbeben in London

For a play-production of “Neues Theater Trier” we produced four shortfilms that represent the time before the story that is shown on stage. So the audience was taught – in four little sequences – how the story for “Earthquakes in London” evolved. Each of the videos represent different times and were stylized different. Work: Concept … Read moreEarthquakes in London – Erdbeben in London