My name is Mario and I do stuff.

I am a visual storyteller based in Berlin, Germany. I create unique, eye-catching campaigns and award-winning visual content that engages people.



since 2019: Freelance Art Director & Motion Designer
since 2020: at the filmArche, Berlin
2017 – 2019: Art Director & Motion Designer
2017:Berlin Short Film Festival“: Official Selection
2017: Raindance Berlin Script Developement Workshop
2016 – 2017: Art Director & Designer, Albert Schweitzer Foundation, Berlin
2017: Motion Design for the Award Winning Documentary „The End Of Meat“
Official Selection: „Raindance Film Festival“, „Santa Barbara International Film Festival“, „Crossroads“ etc.
2017: Postproducion Intern at Rotor Film Studio Babelsberg, Potsdam
2016: „Film und Medien Forum Rheinland-Pfalz“
2016:International Best Shorts“: Winner of Merit
2016: Bachelor of Arts in Intermedia Design (with distinction, grade 1,1), University For Applied Sciences Trier
With shortfilm: „Colony Collapse Disorder – a life without bees“
2015 + 2016:
Scholarship „Film & Medien Nachwuchsförderung Rheinland-Pfalz“
Art Direction, Animation & Direction of Photography of many short films
2014: Postproduction Intern at MagnetFX, Munich
2012: Freelance Designer & Author
Art Direction & Design for Online- and Printmedia
2011: Technical Draftsman & Projectmanager


FIlms for impact

Create for Impact

Story for impact



Together with other professionals, I will build a strong team for any kind of Content-production: Highly esthetic Image Spot in 4K including actors and set or Cross Media Cam-paign with illustrated and animated characters - my friends and partners are just a phone call away to help out with your project.


Just a brief overview of some of my partners and costumers:

Albert Schweitzer Foundation for Our Contemporaries, Animal Rights Watch, Animal Ethics, Black Rabbit Images, BUND für umwelt und Naturschutz Sachsen, Felgen Engineering Luxembourg, junge Welt, Institut für Zukunftsstudien und Technologiebewertung, Jonathan Balcombe, Neues Deutschland, Netzmanufaktur, Robin Wood, Sea-Watch e.V. Soko-Tierschutz e.v., ProVeg E.V., Rotor-Film Studio Babelsberg, Universität Basel, Volksverpetzer


Empower your audience: Together we can help shape this world into a better place – with your story!