The group “Hochschulpolitik”* of the Graduate School Social Sciences (G3S) organized a bi-weekly lecture series called “Geld Macht Wissen” (“Money Power Knowledge”) at the University of Basel in the fall semester 2017. The central aim is to discuss the current conditions of possibilities in the social sciences and humanities, which are committed to a critical analysis of society and an exchange with politics and civil society. Against the background of the neoliberal restructuring of the universities, the focus will be on the critical (self-)understanding of the university and the individual disciplines.

I had the chance to produce print- and digital-material for the advertisement of the lecture series. And to start off, I was inspired by the illustrations of the various banknotes of the world:

The "Money-Ladies"

The logo typography was also designed to fit the background of the events and topics that the international scientists discussed at the University of Basel.

Universit├Ąt Basel - Geld Macht Wissen




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