Halte Trier sauber – viral campaign


Halte-Trier-sauber.de is the main part of a viral project. The website itself was the main point for visitors to get more information about the hate campaign: The fictional Chris von Trier wants to clean up the city of all “scum” and “dirt”. He does this by calling for incitement and trying to mobilize the citizens of the German city of Trier. These incantations are posted on the related Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Tumblr and YouTube pages. The peak of this transmedia project is a film-noir shortfilm that shows a man killing a homeless person – to “clean up”.

Opulent language, tasteless or even despicable texts are part of the published content, because they belong to the right-wing populistic demagogy, which I want to draw attention to. The campaign got attention in various mediaforms and many of the city’s inhabitants strongly opposed this despising approach of Halte-Trier-sauber.de.
This is precisely the aim of the project: to pay attention to hatespeech by right-wing populists at the time of the project’s creation (e.g. PEGIDA).

The project included concept, screen and campaign design and script, direction and editing of the shortfilm.

Work: Concept | visual storytelling | transmedia storytelling | screen design | camera | editing | visual effects

(Unfortunately, the domain Halte-Trier-sauber.de is no longer active, but I have attached some impressions.)



Transmedia Ideas - Halte-Trier-Sauber.de

Illustrative Transmedia-Gallery for Halte-Trier-Sauber.de

It was very important to spread the word about the ‘hate-campagne’. That’s why I set up interacting (transmedial) elements that would conclude the whole story and event. It was supposed to generate anger and hate against the (unknown) originator. Only to end up in revealing the ‘true’ conclusion: Fight racism with anger and rage.


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