Albert Schweitzer Foundation for Our Contempoaries

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During my employment at the Albert Schweitzer Foundation for Our Contempoaries, I worked primarily on the foundation’s continously growing branding.
The developed corporate identity and the visual style the foundation uses, helps people to find a source for well-founded, scientific information on animal welfare and animal rights. This methodology – referred to as branding – provides a solid foundation for future designs and projects.
For social media, I created a unique visual language that encourages to share the foundation’s content. The growing number of followers on Facebook shows that this approach works quite well.
But also in other publications – like broshures or guidelines – I tried to evolve a light style to focus on the main points: the scientific and political work of the organisation.

Work: Concept | branding | visual storytelling | editorial design | videos | infographics

Editorial design and Screen design

Social Media

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